SKYRIGS Electrical Temporary Cradles

  • Temporary cradles are used to do the plastering, repairing, painting, cladding and ete. Works on afi type of buildings.
  • Saves from manpower with its easy transportation and easy installation.
  • According the building, the platform lengths can change and can be used as 1 m to 8m modular platforms.
  • The system works in princible of wirerope climbing and there is no limit tor the work height. (Wire rope tension has to be checked on highrise buildings).
  • The working speed can be adjustable as lm/min or 9m/min.
  • it provides a safe working with the magnetic brake on the motors and the secondary block stop brakes on the platform.
  • The system consists 2 wireropes tor climbing and 2 wire ropes tor safety and this provides a safety working condition.
  • The cradles can be fabricated from either steel or aluminium structure. Al/ the steel platforms are galvanized to prevent corrosion.
  • The cradles are designed and fabricated according to the EN 1808 European Norms.