SKY250 Davit Arms Building Maintenance Units

• Thİs system İs suİtable when the work platform İs desİred to do the parkİng posİtİon on roof.
• The slewing type Davit Arms can park the work platform on the roof top with an easy way.
• Davİt Arms can be mounted on the bases wİch can be fİxed on the parapet or on the slab.
• Accordİng to the project, the Davİt Arms can be traversed on rails.
• The horizontal movements of the Davit Arms are done by shİfting the Arms manually.
• Four wİrerope workİng princİple, secondary safety device, over speed protectİon, slack rope control and manuel relaese provides a safety operatİon.
• Prevents operator mistakes with the low limit switches and the top limit switches.
• Desİgned and fabricated accordİng to the EN1808 European Norms.