Sky-GRS Guide Rail Systems

• Ught weight, fixed jib machines on roof or terrace.
• Depending on the project, the jib length can change from 2.5m to 5m.
• As per the project or request it can be with o multilayer drum or o self powered cradle.
• Horizontal movement can be with o guide rail or with twin track rails.
• The machine needs minimum 2m c/earance from the parapet to serve al/ the elevations.
• The rotary spreader rotating +-45 fixed on the jib gives access to the corners comfortably.
• With the main body rotation, it gives the best access to the desired point.
• With the hydraulic luffing system, the distance to the elevation can be adjusted and take the park position easily.
• Al/ movements of the machine can be controlled from the main machine and from the platform.
• As per the requirements the communication between the machine and the platform can be provided by copper conduct cables or electrical cables.
• The secondary safety wire, parachute brake and slack wire rope device ete.
make the working conditions sote.
• Overload device, lower limit bar, top limit switch prevents the operator
from any mistakes.
• The products are being fabricated as per EN1808 European Standards.